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Dr. Rathjen, Dentist – My introduction to dentistry came early in life, primarily due to two people whom I greatly admired–our next-door neighbor who was an orthodontist, and my confirmation sponsor in the church who was our family dentist.  As a high school student and college undergraduate, my career path never waivered.  Since my graduation from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry, I have vigorously pursued my dental education thru participation in numerous study clubs, attending continuing education courses too numerous to list, and participating in an 11-course curriculum at the Center for Advanced Dentistry in St. Petersburg, Florida.  All of this has prepared me to better help my patients to get the most of the one thing that has such a profound effect on their relationships, first impressions, and life challenges–their smile!  The most joy and fulfillment that I experience as a dentist is the happiness and satisfaction that I see in the faces of my patients who have discovered how quality dental care can improve their lives and give them that beautiful smile they have always wanted!

My hobbies include hunting, fishing, golfing, and competing in trap and skeet, but my passion is my family–my wife, our kids and grandkids.

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Dr. Rathjen and his Wife, Nancy.
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Dr. Rathjen is a repeat MSP Top Dentist